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We're creating a hub for sustainable building design professionals.

A new community for sustainability-conscious architects, developers and installers.


What is Meshwork?

Meshwork is a unique community hub, fully managed and facilitated by Mesh Energy. It brings together architects, developers, installers and anyone else who is interested in low-energy and sustainable building design.

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Our vision is a world in which buildings are inherently sustainable in design and operational use. Buildings no longer account for 40% of global CO2 emissions. Instead, they are healthy and sustainable places which positively benefit the people that occupy them and the environments in which they are situated.


Our mission is to bring together sustainability-conscious architects, developers, and installers through the creation of Meshwork - a new community hub. Meshwork will empower its members to take collective positive environmental action thanks to its principles of community, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Core Objectives

Rapid Decarbonisation
As the name implies, the climate crisis demands urgent and radical action. The time for the building industry to take action is now. Through Meshwork, we are empowering sustainable building professionals to work together in order to accelerate the decarbonisation of the built environment.

 Build Better
It’s very simple: we must “build better”. The onus is on all of us to design new buildings which are low-energy and as sustainable as possible, and to retrofit existing buildings with the technologies which will provide maximum positive impact to the occupiers and the environment.

 Educate The Industry
Education is key and knowledge is power. One of our objectives with Meshwork is to accelerate the sustainability education of the building and construction sector, enabling all of our members to become positive changemakers and ambassadors for the sustainable buildings movement.


Meshwork is a highly collaborative community. By meeting people who share your interests and values, who work in a similar profession, and who care about the same big picture issues, our members can collaborate and help each other to work towards our common vision.

Meshwork is a place to share your stories, experiences, ideas and advice on any relevant topics. Our members are encouraged to engage as much as possible, because you will get the most out of the platform by being an active member of the community.

Sustainability is why we’re all here, so it makes sense for it to be one of our core values. Sustainability underpins everything we do at Mesh Energy, and it’s no different for Meshwork. We realise that Meshwork is a digital platform with a carbon footprint of its own, which is why we plant trees every month for every member that’s on the platform. You can view our Ecologi page here.

What do people say?

"Meshwork is brilliant. Being able to ask a very specific question about renewable energy technologies and receiving a quick answer from an industry expert alone is worth the cost, let alone the other features. I have also found multiple useful articles and discussion threads in the individual topic clusters. I can highly recommend joining!"

- Russ Avery, renewable energy enthusiast

‘Meshwork has a very responsive community, which is great when you need to ask a technical question and get quick answers from industry experts. If you're interested in sustainable design, you'll find plenty of interesting discussion.'

- George Riley, Spirit Energy